Macro Glitters - 2 gr


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Price Quantity  
DEDLM10 Silver 2,00
DEDLM15 Gold 2,00
DEDLM30 Light yellow 2,00
DEDLM33 Violet 2,00
DEDLM36 Cyclamen 2,00
DEDLM37 Dark purple 2,00
DEDLM38 Light cyclamen 2,00
DEDLM39 Pink 2,00
DEDLM45 Blue-green 2,00
DEDLM52 Turquoise 2,00
DEDLM53 Red 2,00
DEDLM76 Green 2,00

After purchase of the product 14 to 30 days for delivery

Macro glitter effects for nail decorations.

Nail decoration SNB with macro glitter effect for professional and home use. 

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