Micro Glitters - 2 gr.

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DELM58 aqua poppy red 2,50
DELM42 aqua baby blue 2,50
DELM30 aqua yellow 2,50
DELM14 aqua lavender 2,50
DELM31 aqua orange 2,50
DELM38 aqua pink 2,50
DELM53 metalic red 2,50
DELM22 aqua neon yellow 2,50
DELM37 metallic violet 2,50
DELM27 metallic green holographic 2,50
DELM11 metalic gold 2,50
DELM12 metalic gold hologram 2,50
DELM08 metalic coctail 2,50
DELM35 metallic lavender 2,50
DELM39 metallic ocean green 2,50
DELM06 metalic silver 2,50
DELM07 metalic silver holographic 2,50
DELM18 metalic red 2,50
DELM50 metalic black 2,50
DELM49 metalic black hologram 2,50
DELM41 metallic chocolate 2,50
DELM44 aqua ocean blue 2,50

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Micro glitter effects for nail decorations.

Nail decoration SNB with micro glitter effect. Excellent brocade effect for nail polish.

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