Velours effect 2 gr.

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DEPV11 dark blue 2,00
DEPV12 red 2,00
DEPV17 pink 2,00
DEPV24 cyclamen 2,00
DEPV25 light blue 2,00
DEPV26 orange 2,00
DEPV27 green 2,00

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Nail decorations with velour effect.
Velour effect or decorative suede particles are applied (sprinkled) with a dry brush on a wet layer of varnish or topcoat. To enhance the color of the velor particles, it is best to apply a particle color varnish. 

Work options, Apply:

1. pH balance
2. Base for varnish
3. Nail polish
4. Topcoat

Velorura is applied to a top brush with a rusted brush, separately for each lacquered fingernail. It is recommended to use MAT topcoat as it dries more slowly and allows for more precise work.

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